Collaborations with Brands & Celebrities:

Alexa Green: Singer/Songwriter/Actor

Amelia Heinle: Actress, "The Young and the Restless" Feature

April Athena: YouTube Vlogger Feature

Bethany Watson: Co-Host of Elvis Duran Show Feature

Dawn Gallagher: QVC Host and Best Selling Author Feature

Doctor Mike - Dockers

Gabriel Macht: SUITS Feature

Ginna Torres: SUITS Feature

Ginni Saraswati: The Ginni Show Feature

Hotel Mela: Facility Shoot

Jason Flom: Ceo of Lava Records Photoshoot

John McCurry: Song-Writer and Guitarist Feature

Jordan Norwood: Denver Broncos Wide Receiver Feature

Lara Devgan, MD: #1 Female Surgeon in NYC Feature

LittleSpoon: Event Photoshoot

Live On NY: Organ Donation Campaign

Meghan Markle: SUITS Feature

Nautica: "#WhyILoveNautica", Made in the City Inspired by the Sea

OpenLoop NYC: Tour Photoshoot

Patrick J. Adams: SUITS Feature

Rick Hoffman: SUITS Feature

Russell Jackson: Host/Creator PopFoods and Chef Feature

Salma Hayek: "The Prophet" movie

Sarah Michelle Gellar: FoodStirs

Serhant Team: 56 Walker Street Listing for "Million Dollar Listing"

SUITS: #SuitCamp - The SUITS ON SET Experience in Toronto

SUITS Season 7 Premiere Photoshoot in NYC

Tom O'Brien: "Manhattan Romance" Movie Director Feature

Trey Morgan: KPLX-FM 99.5 The Wolf Feature

Zenya Bashford: Tennessee Kids Feature